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Vitamin drip – Myers cocktail

What is a Myers cocktail treatment?

A cocktail treatment Myers goes intravenously, and is the guarantee of a good state of health, because its content of vitamins and minerals, causes improvements in the patient who has various diseases, such as those mentioned above.

Likewise, it is a natural pharmacological alternative, which produces well-being in the person who undergoes treatment with Myers cocktail, because it changes their mood and causes no side effects.

Where to get this cocktail?

It can be taken as a treatment in our facilities of Long Life Clinic (LLC), located in Costa del Sol, Spain, because our commitment is to help our patients to find a healthy life, free of chemical agents, for which we have created Myers Cocktail , to provide you with vitamins and minerals, in substitution of conventional medicines.

At our Long Life Clinic (LLC) facility, we establish an assisted medication plan to guide and instruct you in the use and application of Myers Cocktail, showing you its potential and benefits.

They are weekly or monthly treatments for a wide variety of pathologies such as chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, chest pains, fibromyalgia, respiratory infections, allergies, migraines. The ingredients of Myers Cocktail are: Vitamins B-complex, Vitamin B5, B6, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Selenium and Calcium.

Myers cocktail for colds – for flu
Ideal for chronic fatigue
Help to lose weight
Myers cocktail to reduce inflammation
Myers cocktail controlling anxiety or depression
Myers favors athletes
The perfect cocktail for the skin
Beneficial for asthma or allergies
Relieves migraines
Myers cocktail for Lyme disease
Recommended for cancer treatments
Serves adrenal fatigue
Recommended to treat Fibromyalgia
Myers cocktail with glutathione

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