Vitamin B-12 deficiency

B-12 is an essential vitamin for the health of your red blood cells and your nervous system, as well as the creation of DNA and cell division. Its mink found in meat, poultry and fish, plus milk products and eggs. B-12 is released in your stomach by hydrochloric acid. Yet, because hypothyroid can result in low level of vitamin B-12 can go hand-in-hand with hypothyroid because of poor absorption. So it can be wise to have your B-12 levels tested, especially since the deficiency anemia is gradual, and it can be more severe than your symptoms reveal.


When symptoms finally show themselves they can include weakness and fatigue, confusion, balance problems, bruising and paleness, as well as shortness of breath, feeling dizzy and rapid heart rate. Later stages can result in a tingling in your extremities, called neuropathy, or a red irritated tongue and loss of taste.

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