Progesterone is the prime hormone in maintaining the pregnancy. It is secreted from corpus luteum ( yellow structure) and helps in the progress of pregnancy. And, forms the placenta and provides it with nutrition. Moreover, it has many other functions despite the maintenance of pregnancy. It is also useful in maintaining health and female sex characteristics. Progesterone also induces libido. It is also a regulator of the normal menstrual cycle. But the prominent role remains the aid in conception in females. It is formed in the ovaries. the females suffering from ovarian diseases have a deficiency of progesterone. that is why they suffer from decreased libido and conception diseases.

Is progesterone a female hormone?

There is a concept flowing everywhere that progesterone is only female hormone as it has a role in pregnancy. Although the prime role of progesterone is maintaining the pregnancy it is also found in males. There are some important functions which are assigned to progesterone in a male body. It is a precursor to male sex hormone ” testosterone”. Testosterone is formed after a series of enzymatic reactions. Progesterone is formed in one of those steps and eventually leads to the formation of testosterone. That is why it also has prominent roles in male sexual health.

Formation of progesterone in males

Pregnenolone is the precursor. It is steroid so as the progesterone. It is converted to progesterone which eventually forms testosterone. Progesterone is also converted to estrogen and cortisol. This shows the prime importance of progesterone in both males and females.

Relation to prostate

The prostate is a gland found in males. It is located between the bladder and penis having lobes. Besides,  it has a very important gland as it provides the seminal fluid. which mixes with the other secretions. Apparently, it allows the normal urine flow. Hypertrophy of this gland called as “Benign prostatic hyperplasia” (BPH) is the most common cancer in males after the age of 50. Progesterone plays a role in prostate growth. It stimulates the cells to proliferate. This maintains the male sexual characters and helps in reproduction. If the prostate is not properly developed there is deficient semen which leads to complications. So, formation and proper growth of the prostate is very important. The prostate has receptors for progesterone. This shows its role in the development of prostate. So, altogether progesterone has a profound role in both male and female sexual aspects.

Prevention of BPH

Benign prostatic hyperplasia is the most common complication in males of older age. It results in retention of urine and loss of sex drive. Deficiency of progesterone leads to BPH. That is why natural progesterone is important for normal prostate health.  It also prevents loss of weight and libido. Erectile dysfunction and weight gain are the consequences of decreased levels of progesterone. That is why it is important to maintain natural levels of progesterone in the body The levels of progesterone keep on fluctuating but the normal range is 1- 5ng/dl. 


It is proved that progesterone is not only a female hormone but is also very important in males. It has a prominent role in the development of prostate. This gland secret seminal fluid which makes it very important. Any disruption in its formation can lead to sterilization. It prevents BPH and loss of libido. That is why the maintenance of normal levels of progesterone in both males and females is important. 

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