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Intravenous Vitamin C Therapy

Intravenous Therapy Vitamin C is one of the most recommended by medical laboratories to prevent the activation of cancer cells in the body, because when this nutrient is applied in an injectable manner, it tends to assimilate better, and acts more quickly, increasing the defenses of the immune system, while eradicating toxins and contaminants present at the same time.
Through it, you can get to control high and low care pathologies by exact doses of intravenous application, and always under the perceptions of the treating doctor in favor of controllers on time.

So, what is Vitamin C Intravenous Therapy used for?

Vitamin C IV; It is used to combat anti-aging and other healthy purposes such as:
Avoid brain deterioration
Improves bone condition
Avoid depression
Ideal to cope with diabetes
Deprives the oxidation of cholesterol
Enemy of respiratory problems
Avoid brain deterioration

Another great benefit of resorting to this intravenous therapy; is that brain health is optimized; Because vitamin C contains a high number of antioxidants, it directly combats the oxidation of neurons; strengthening them and encouraging in turn the ability to memorize.
Therefore, it is recommended to implement commonly to people with advanced age; that present low capacity of retention, to stimulate the correct function of their memory and help them to avoid Alzheimer’s pictures; loss of coordination, senile dementia or in extreme cases; mental lacunae, fatigue and extreme tiredness.

Improves bone condition

Since the doses of vitamin C injected are high; This rapidly stimulates the formation of collagen in the body, and therefore improves the condition of bones, joints and cartilage, strengthening them, to avoid any type of tear, deterioration or injury.
Now, as well as acting positively on them, it also does so in the area of the skin, eliminating all the dead cells accumulated on its surface, as well as giving it back the shine, freshness and softness.

Avoid depression

Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) controls the function of neurotransmitters, therefore controls the stability of the nervous system; avoiding a failure in the segregation of hormones; mainly those responsible for maintaining happiness in the patient.

Therefore, it is taken into account to increase their doses; in people with depression and anxiety problems; as well as those suffering from constant irritation and stress, because it will help them to stabilize serotonin and dopamine levels; encouraging even the correct sleep cycle, so that they can rest and maintain their level of tranquillity; and joy because the main enemy of emotional stability is fatigue and depression.

Vitamin C therapy may also be beneficial in controlling diabetes, since it helps stabilize the blood sugar level; as it protects and repairs the arteries; after the excess of this. Deprives the oxidation of cholesterol by undergoing this vitamin treatment, cholesterol levels in the body are also completely stabilized, preventing at the same time the process of oxidation and its passage through the bloodstream, so that it does not reach the vascular vessels or arteries; to avoid any cardiac risk.

Vitamin C in high levels is an enemy of respiratory problems, increases the defences of the respiratory system, which helps maintain the body; free of conditions such as flu, colds, colds and in major cases tuberculosis. Likewise, eradicates all types of bacteria and toxins; in order to keep the area completely healthy and free of infectious or carcinogenic risks.

Who can use it?

Those who present a constant mental fatigue; accompanied by depression, reluctance, lack of energy and problems to retain new information in the brain. On the other hand, it is also ideal for those who suffer from alterations and anxiety constantly.

Where can I get this treatment?

This effective treatment can be obtained in authorized clinics; as Long Life Clinic, because despite being simple, it must be done with caution and precision, so that the body process the vitamin correctly and obtain the necessary benefits in a certain area, such as the brain, or nervous system.

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