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As we know; the intravenous theraphy; is a treatment that allow the quickly nutrients absortion; through bloodstream; helping increasing the energy; and fight free radicals; for enjoy a healthy body and delay aging.

Exist many types of intravenous therapy, like IV Detox, but in Long life clinic; offering you Iv Slim Shoot even, perfect to weigth loss when you want, and others treatments to your beauty.

Who can take this treatments?

Every people; can take this treatments; because are increas the energy, and aport antioxidants to the body. Likewise, helping to purify and erradicate toxins and strengh tissues and articulations, to prevent its deterioration.

Whichs other benefits cause in the body?

Increas the Collagen

The  intravenous theraphy;  provide vitamin C to the body, therefore they allow the increase of collagen, in order to delay aging and prevent the dryness of the skin.

Besides, they strengthen the area of bones and cartilage, together with the joints, preventing rheumatic problems, especially the condition of arthritis.

Detoxify the organism

Another benefit of intravenous therapy, is that it allows to detoxify the body of impurities, toxins and radicals in high concentration, all in order to improve the functioning of systems such as cardiovascular; digestive and even neuronal.

Of course, this happens as long as its content, a high percentage of vitamin C is maintained

Weight control

Thanks to its fast action in the bloodstream, the intravenous theraphy allows to control the metabolism, helping to calm the anxiety and therefore, reduce the desired weight.

Besides, it facilitates the rapid absorption of nutrients, and completely eradicates unwanted fats, which adhere as unprocessed food waste.

In Long Life Clinic, we have a special therapy so that you lose measurements and obtain the body you have always dreamed of, while improving the quality of your skin and purify impurities in the body, Dare to use it!

Reduce heavy metals

Thanks to antioxidants that brings to your body; the intravenous theraphy can erradicate the heavy metals, allowing to stabilize brain function and prevent neuronal deterioration, also preventing the suffering of Alzheimer’s, mental lagoones or mental fatigue.

Say good bye to agin

Definitely, another of the greatest benefits of intravenous therapies, is the anti-aging control they exert, because they reduce a large amount of toxins and clean the blood; allowing the renewal and strengthening of cells.

Likewise, it prevents the degeneration of joints and bones, as well as the failure of systems such as cardiac and digestive systems.

However, they allow the increase of energy and emotional stability, and they say goodbye to fatigue, helping to maintain a better concentration.

Is it necessary to make an appointment for intravenous theraphy?

At Long Life Clinic, we have special attention service during our work hours; if you want to opt for intravenous treatments; guide you appointment with us to assist you, it will be a unique experience; that more than healthy will make you feel with great energy and vitality. As it will allow you to perform on a daily basis with greater strength.

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