How to memory loss prevention of a natural way; Is a question that surely, many we frequently do; as although vitamin compounds are useful in memory care, it is also ideal to keep it stable with chemically unprocessed agents.

Example of this; Is ginkgo biloba tea; Which is constantly ingested; for improves brain oxygenation and prevent the confusion, disorientation, and fatigue. However, it should be noted that there are many more natural methods to combat this disease, such as:

Perform meditation exercises

One of the main options for improving Alzheimer’s naturally, is through meditation exercises because they help to relax the brain and make each of the nerves decrease their tension, releasing stress, while promoting good segregation of hormones at the same  time.

However, it is also useful to achieve a good concentration and stimulate the recognition of space, smells and sensations with just the thought. Because of this, is that it is considered one of the exercises more benefits for the body.

Ingest rosemary tea

the rosemary is considered ideal for seasoning our meals; but It is important also for mental function, because it contains great antioxidant properties that fight free radicals; Preventing the damage of these in the cells and nerves; While blocking neurotransmitters is avoided.

Besides, it promotes optimal segregation of hormones; Improving the state of cerebral relaxation, and the capacity of cognition, deduction and retention.

Carry Balanced Diet

A balanced diet; Is key to improving Alzheimers and preventing it, so it is necessary to combine vegetables like broccoli; Spinach or asparagus, along with fish, meats, fruits and nuts inside our dishes, so that the body can obtain the energy for its performance and at the same time keep the brain functioning.

Apart , each of the nutrients of these and other foods that are consumed, are needed; To maintain stable hormonal function, promote a good cycle of sleep and care of the mind, because as long as it stays agitated; We are more prone to mental lagoon, memory loss, coordination failures or greater visions.

Read and Write more

Other methods for improving Alzheimers effectively are reading and writing; Because of this, many specialists recommend that older people become interested in these hobbies, as they keep the memory functioning, increasing their capacity for recognition, deduction, analysis and retention.

Figures from the World Health Organization indicate that those who read are less likely to suffer from senile dementia, so if you want to prevent or control the disease, this is an excellent choice.

Practicing aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a great technique to keep active our memory and senses of perception, because it encourages the senses of smell to acting together with the brain and recognize the smell of certain elements, such as flowers; Sweet spices or even fruits.

Therefore, it is ideal; Always keep smells like these at home, and use of fragrances them on pillows, towels and items of common use, for stimulate the mind everytime.

Some specialists recommend even using fabric softeners with such odors;because  more that a fragrance becomes a familiar element for the person.

Increase fruit consumption with vitamin C

Consume fruits with vitamin C continuously; Is another great tricks to prevent and deal with memory loss, because they bring a lot of antioxidants to the body that maintain in perfect condition the nerves, cells and defenses of the brain system.

Apart from this, they help to completely eradicate the impurities and toxins that are in the body, including among these the heavy metal residues to which we are exposed daily by the contamination.

So, as long as these are always present in breakfast, snack or some main dish; It will be possible to combat this condition strongly, and prevent ailments such as headaches, fatigue and constant pressure.

Therefore, keep in mind and practice each of the methods mentioned; And always tries to stimulate the thought realizing new activities; Visiting new landscapes and creating, in turn, memories and special moments different from those of childhood or which you live now, because that way you force the mind to store information that did not know.

Keep in mind that routine is one of the main causes for this memory loss disorder to be suffered, therefore, it is better to prevent; And begin to create and live different things; That guarantee you a well-being and inescapable stability.

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