How to Improve Libido with DHT

Dihydrotestosterone is formed by the hydration of male sex hormone called as testosterone. This hormone is produced from testis. It is responsible for all the male sexual characteristics. They include body hair, coarseness of voice and development of penis. It’s amount increases at puberty. Libido which is also called as a desire for coitus in medical terms is the main function of DHT. Libido is a natural phenomenon. It comprises surges of hormones. It is a built-in mechanism in the human body.  DHT is basically sex-steroid. It plays an important role in maintaining and increasing libido.

DHT- Improving Libido

DHT is called as an enhancer of libido.  Testosterone undergoes various biological hormonal conversions to form DHT. The enzyme involved is 5 alpha reductase. The conversion takes place in the prostate, adrenal glands, testes and hair follicles. Many experimental studies in biological perspective have shown that DHT has the main role in libido. In recent studies, the castrated animals were given injections of DHT and they showed symptoms of increased libido. That is why injections of DHT are also given to the people having decreased libido. Testosterone is considered as a male sexual hormone but when it undergoes reduction and form DHT it proves to be the trigger for libido.

DHT- why necessary?

DHT also plays a role in making you active. As it is present in adrenal glands it also plays a role in the release of adrenaline hormone. Which in turn increases the metabolic activity. When the energy boosts up it eventually increases libido. This vicious cycle continues. This improves the androgen to estrogen ratio, which acts as an energy supplier.

Intakes for  increasing DHT levels

Intakes can be both natural and synthetic. The natural one usually includes the carbohydrate and protein diet.  Maintaining your daily prescribed requirement of calories i.e 2500 kcal help to regulate your DHT levels. Exercise is also very important, which accelerates fat burning. Your gluteal and medial thigh muscles are reservoirs for fat. They should be exercised properly. When we talk about synthetic supplements, first of all, it should be according to the physicians prescription and specific dose should be decided. As DHT abuse can have serious after effects it should be precautiously taken.  Sorghum which increases the amount of alpha reductase is an important supplement. Creatinine also boosts up DHT levels. Niacinamide ( Vit B3), Nicotine and zinc tablets all are used as DHT supplements.

Indications of deficiency of DHT

DHT plays an important role in enhancing libido and increasing physical activity. Low levels of DHT cause lethargy and fatigue. Here are some important indications.

  1. Muscular atrophy
  2. Erectile dysfunction and impotency
  3. Obesity
  4. Decreased libido
  5. Fatigue
  6. Insomnia
  7. Hair loss
  8. Disturbance of hormonal cycles
  9. Indigestion and flatuency
  10. Nausea
  11. morning sickness

Therefore, DHT levels are to maintained within the desired range. The normal levels range from 40-575 ng. If it falls below 40 ng a person feels agitated. having a light exercise and healthy diet avoids such conditions.


In conclusion, it is stated that DHT is the king hormone for regulating libido. It has been used in the treatment of impotence. Nowadays injections and recommended doses of DHT are prescribed. It is also used by bodybuilders to boost up their energy levels. It is also associated with hair loss. The natural way to maintain DHT levels is exercise and diet rich in calories.


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