Fat Jab – Fat Reduction Injections

Fat Jab is a revolutionary treatment that marks a new era in non-invasive cosmetic surgery. The treatment involves a series of simple injections into the area of unwanted fat – reducing the need for the conventional, highly invasive, fat vacuum method… or “lipo”.

Can I have the treatment?

Yes, almost anyone needing the Fat Jab treatment can undergo it, except for the individuals in the groups outlined below:

The Fat Jab treatment should not be given to patients under 18, pregnant women, nursing mothers, certain diabetic patients, and patients with current infections, or suffering from severe immune deficiency disorders.

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What is involved?

Minute doses of PPT are injected directly into the fat mass. This speeds up the body’s natural metabolic process to burn off fat cells in particular, then the fat is eliminated naturally by the body.

Which parts of the body can be treated and how many treatments will you need?

Fat JabThe number of treatments required by a patient depends upon the area being treated and the amount of fat to be removed… but usually an average of 2 – 4 treatments are required over 3 – 6 week intervals to produce the desired effects. It really depends on the density of the fat mass being treated.

What are the side effects?

It may be a relatively new treatment, however thousands of treatment courses all over the world have now been completed, with no serious side effects reported.

Almost all patients have temporary minor side-effects after treatment including swelling, reddening of the area, burning pain, and itching or muscular aching at the injection sites – sometimes lasting up to 72 hours. In some cases patients report heavy bruising after treatment – but this can be treated with anti-inflammatory medication, such as ibuprofen.


Is Phosphatidylcholine safe?

Recent clinical trials and safety reports from Austria have given the procedure a 92% success rate, and with a complete safety report.

Although Phosphatidylcholine is soya based and an enzyme, it may cause allergic reactions in a small percentage of people.

How long is the downtime or recovery period?

There is no downtime. The patient is free to go out and do anything they like depending on how they feel.

Unlike liposuction, which sucks the fat out, the fat-busting injectable substance, Phosphatidylcholine (PPT) loosens and dissolves the fat in the cells which is then excreted naturally by the body in the urine and feces.

PPT has been used for the last 50 years to treat a range of problems including high cholesterol, but only in recent years has it been adopted for fat reduction. It was established in Brazil by Doctor Patricia Rittes for use on the heavy fat pockets that cause eye bags – and then was extended to treat other fatty parts of the body.

After years of research and clinical tests, it has been found that if this enzyme is injected directly into fat mass virtually anywhere on the body, it has the same result. The fat is removed effectively without any surgical procedures. The effects however have been slightly more successful in women than men due to the differing structure of the connective tissue and fat cells.

Legal restrictions mean that the treatment can only be carried out by medical experts trained in this field – mainly because a knowledge of the anatomical distribution of fat deposits in the body, the correct injection technique and the right dosage for the treatment are vital for success.

The treatment has proved popular with the Hollywood crew with actresses like Nicole Kidman, and Demi Moore, recently pictured with plasters on their knees after undergoing what is rumored to have been a course of injections.

Whilst the “fat-jab” is ideal for areas of difficult to shift flab, it is a not weight-loss solution. It is designed for people who have done everything else to lose weight like diet and exercise, but still have some areas where the flab is difficult to shift!

So for those of you who prefer to fine-tune your figure in a doctor’s office rather than at the gym, the new fat-dissolving injections might just offer you that scalpel-free alternative.

To get started with your fat jab treatment, just call Dr. Jean Garant on +34 952 770 714, or Email him today to book your consultation.